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Super Bike Jungle Super Bike Jungle Super Bike JungleRide your motorbike through a jungle full of animals.
Polar Salvation Polar Salvation Polar SalvationForm the ice floes on the water region to make the path for the polar bears to reach the other side. Based on the facing direction of polar bear and its jumpable distance, form an ice floe on the watery region, as otherwise the polar bear will fall into the water. If a polar bear falls into the water, you will lose a life. Remember! The ice floe will melt down once it is used. Attain the target in each level within the given time duration and play the advanced levels.
Tiger Cross Tiger Cross Tiger CrossChoose the bike or a quad and drive through the gorgeous courses of the 3D racing game Tiger Cross.
Pepsi Race Caps Pepsi Race Caps Pepsi Race CapsPepsi Race Caps is a game where you have to bring bottles of pepsi to people who are facing a limited time! In the middle there is a road to 3 lanes, where it becomes complicated is that if you carry a bottle when it is over we lost ... You can retrieve the bottle seeking the little drawings on a track! To find a Pepsi boueille must return to the stand! (which is the opposite of people) Good luck!
School Road Adventures School Road Adventures School Road AdventuresGood students always want to go to school without delay. However, it is sometimes block the way to school. These students are smart. Easily overcome the obstacles. You can do it. You must be at school on time, do not forget, time is ticking.
Space Girl Hairstyles Space Girl Hairstyles Space Girl HairstylesNo matter what planet you're from, this girl's hair is crazy cool!
Ocean Couple Ocean Couple Ocean CoupleThis attractive couple is for vacations on the beach. Dress them with the perfect clothes.
Suspect Suspect SuspectUse arrows to ask characters questions. Press keys quickly to avoid getting hit by character actions
Splatem Splatem SplatemSplat the mud on people you hate and don't hesistate or hold back.
Catalyst Catalyst CatalystMatch the color of your enemies to shoot them. Much harder than it sounds, dude.
Snomageddon Snomageddon SnomageddonEvil mutant snowmen have begun their attack on your home town. It is up to you to stop them with an arsenal of weapons.
Transformers Prestige Transformers Prestige Transformers PrestigeGuide Transformers robot leader through the Earth's catacombs to acquire energy for an upcoming final battle on Cybertron.
Star Obelisc Star Obelisc Star ObeliscSet up towers to keep the different enemies from attacking your base. Earn money to build more.
Bumper Bowl Bumper Bowl Bumper BowlThe skill game Bumper Bowl is an entertaining sportmix of sumo, curling and robot battle. Knock enemies into hazards to destroy them.
Throw Knife Face Throw Knife Face Throw Knife FacePop balloons but don't hit the clown.
Jeanette Biedermann Makeover Jeanette Biedermann Makeover Jeanette Biedermann MakeoverGive our British pop superstar a makeover.
Dungeon Developer Dungeon Developer Dungeon DeveloperA dungeon crawler… where you play as the Dungeon! Design the best Dungeon you can, outfit the Adventurers with a wide variety of Magic Items, and slay the Red Dragon on the lowest level of the Dungeon!
Save The Witness Save The Witness Save The WitnessSave the witness by shooting objects to keep them safe. Keep people from dying instead.
Star Stylin 4 Star Stylin 4 Star Stylin 4Make this diva shine more than she' ll ever be.
Star Stylin 2 Star Stylin 2 Star Stylin 2Dress a star the second time around.
Jingle Bell Brawl Jingle Bell Brawl Jingle Bell BrawlA simple game of "Rock'em Sock'em Robots" fighting with Santa and Jack Frost.
Find The Hero Find The Hero Find The HeroMatch the exact same hero given to you before time runs out.
Spin Stadium Spin Stadium Spin StadiumEarn Points by knocking other tops out of the stadium. Keep an eye on the energy meter which decreases unless you hit a top.
Endless War 2 Endless War 2 Endless War 2This is the second installment of the Endless War series. Embark on different missions and defeat all enemies. Enjoy!
Rollercoaster Roundup Rollercoaster Roundup Rollercoaster RoundupSome of the tykes are trying to leave the park before they've experienced the best ride! Have Bob the friendly guard, round em' up and lead them to the coaster! Earn Gold tickets every $10000!!
Cyber Ryder Cyber Ryder Cyber RyderIf all these bike skill games are way too hard for you, you should try your luck in the easy and fun sport game Cyber Ryder.
Egg Fighter Egg Fighter Egg FighterPlay as an egg and fight another egg street fighter style!
A Tale By Alex A Tale By Alex A Tale By AlexI
Snow Lemmings Snow Lemmings Snow LemmingsChillax or challenge yourself in this snowball-building, lemming-catching downhill adventure.
A Rat At The Cliffs A Rat At The Cliffs A Rat At The Cliffshelp the rat to jump from platform to platform.
Lanza Mau Lanza Mau Lanza MauThrow the black cat for as far as you can.
School Is Over Differences School Is Over Differences School Is Over DifferencesSummer is almost here, so that means that SCHOOL IS OVER!!! Our cute friend, Didi, is anxious about summer holiday to come. During classes, she dreams about the sea side and about how she is going to enjoy the sun while building sand castles. In order to make the time pass faster for Didi, you must find the differences between the two frames. Good luck and enjoy your summer holiday! Bookmark
Shell Zone Shell Zone Shell ZoneSwap the shells to line up three and destroy them.
Howls Moving Castle Hidden Objects Howls Moving Castle Hidden Objects Howls Moving Castle Hidden ObjectsFind out the objects displayed below, which are hidden in the image. Find them in a short time to score more.
The Lorry Story The Lorry Story The Lorry StoryAre you an expert carrier and you bringing the goods to your destination without you dropping any packets? Invest the money you earn on upgrades for your truck.
Toy Train Toy Train Toy TrainStart assembling your own train with the set of objects Just click over the object with the help of mouse and place them at the appropriate position. You have the track, train and its compartments, dolls, ball and other articles to be assembled in its position. Make the train ready for a ride and make it run before the time lapses and move on to the next level. You may utilize the hint provided above if needed. You have option of choosing the background (season) either sunny, winter or rainy season.
Need For Extreme Need For Extreme Need For ExtremeNeed For Extreme is a great reworking of the Need For Speed Game! The Need For Speed remake presents a breathtaking variety of arcade races.
Super Bob Super Bob Super BobFly Bob through the clouds but do not touch them.
Four Wheel Chase Four Wheel Chase Four Wheel ChaseKangaroo jack has escaped and you need to catch him.
Forklift Kid Forklift Kid Forklift KidThink fast, act fast! That’s the only way to get to the exit!
Ramps Ramps RampsClick, drag and rotate the ramps to construct a pathway to safely guide the spheres into the goal. Click the dispenser to unleash a sphere. Clicking the trashcan will reset ramps and spheres. Points are awarded based on amount of spheres lost, time taken to solve the level and difficulty of the level.
Enigmatic Island Mahjong Enigmatic Island Mahjong Enigmatic Island MahjongPlunge into the atmosphere of the ancient tribes of peaceful island. We can only guess about the secrets to building the statues and suggest playing the mahjong based on the legends of the island peoples.
Travel To China Travel To China Travel To ChinaMatch 3 or more icons of the same kind.
mario zeppelin mario zeppelin mario zeppelinIn this water-blocked part of the kingdom the only way for old Mario to get around is in the air! Collect as many coins as you can but be careful driving the zeppelin in this awesome arcade adventure. Feauturing 7 levels of coin collecting goodness..
eva mendes makeover eva mendes makeover eva mendes makeoverGive her a nice and sexy makeover and get hitch.
butterflyy barbie butterflyy barbie butterflyy barbieYou have 60 seconds to trap all the flying fairies. You need good reflexes.
2007 sexy halloween costumes 2007 sexy halloween costumes 2007 sexy halloween costumesAll of the hottest sexy Halloween costumes.Dress up like celebrities this Halloween!
beautiful princess beautiful princess beautiful princessOur little princess needs your help to dress her up before her friends came in. Help her and have fun!